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City of Clermont Sign Dispute Asiana Airlines Potential Defamation Lawsuit Lawrence Walters comments on the First Amendment implications of blogger's revenge stunt Free Speech debate about posting critical comments online and potential SLAPP lawsuits Are cell phones spying on your children? Attorney Lawrence Walters discusses privacy concerns with black boxes in cars Lawrence Walters on Good Morning America - Commenting on the Joe Francis Defamation Case Lawrence Walters discusses the Casey Anthony case with Geraldo Rivera. Investigative report on lawsuit against the Florida Lottery for failing to pay $500,000 on winning Gold Rush ticket. O'Reilly Factor Student Rights. Sea World – PITA Claims Keeping Whales violates Thirteenth Amendment prohibiting Slavery – Ch 35 Prayer in Florida Schools – Ch 35 Prayer before public meetings in Florida. Court decision on graphic cigarette ads and Free Speech. Violent Video Game Decision by Supreme Court – Commentary New Teen Sexting Law Passed in Florida Digital Universal ID FIJA Jury Nullification Case Cruel and unusual punishment based on soy-based Jail Food Sale of personal DL info by Florida DMV Monitoring of shoppers in malls via cell phones. Fox News Channel, Walters predicts Blago conviction prior to verdict Mr. Walters Fox News appearance discussing the Michelle Parker disappearance and the release of the suspect in Aruba. Lawrence Walters predicts Casey Anthony acquittal on Fox & Friends Lawrence Walters appears on Fox & Friends to discuss the Casey Anthony case Discussion regarding potential legal liability for posting negative feedback on eBay Comments on the Privacy violations resulting from Florida's sale of Driver's License information to marketing company Should loud music be illegal – Florida Courts are split – Mr. Walters discusses the legal issues Comments on Florida's Confederate License Plate Legal Battle More discussion about laws prohibiting texting while walking Woman called 'worthless' during job hunt because she is pregnant, Mr. Walters outlines her legal options The dangers of giving out your zip code with credit card transactions – Mr. Walters discusses the privacy concerns O'Reilly Factor Appearance discussing the impact of the War on Terrorism on the Bill of Rights O'Reilly Factor discussion about proposed law requiring state reporting of teen pregnancy Fox 35 Orlando talks to Lawrence Walters about laws prohibiting 'texting while walking' Nightline discusses sexting laws with Attorney Lawrence Walters Lawrence Walters discusses 'sexting' laws on The View Lawrence Walters discusses 'sexting' laws on MTV

Dr. Phil

A debate on policing the Internet with Mr. Walters and state senator Scott Rupp joining.


Radio Interviews

Larry Walters reacts to the Casey Anthony acquittal on murder charges

O’Reilly Factor
FOX News Channel (October 23, 2006)

The News Hour, with Jim Lehrer
PBS News (October 16, 2006)

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